Flax Seed

Whole seeds or milled

up to 99.99 % purity

Flax Seed

Golden or brown

up to 99.99 % purity

Flax Seed

Roasted or not roasted

up to 99.99 % purity

Flax Seed

Organic or conventional

up to 99.99 % purity

Flax Protein Powder

Custom made in Germany / good sensory properties / good binding

Hemp Seed

Whole and roasted

organic or conventional

Other Fibres

Oat / apple / wheat


International award for Cima Vital Omega 3 Flax

Cima is proud to announce we have received the DLG International Award 2019 In Gold for our Cima Vital Omega 3 Flax


Why is Flax a Superfood?

  • Excellent source of healthy fats
  • Highest source of Omega – 3 ALA
  • High source of soluble and insoluble fibre
  • Low in saturated fat
  • Excellent source of the antioxidant lignans
  • Great source of valuable protein
  • Sustainable crop

Quality Guarantee


  • Kosher
  • Gluten free
  • Non GMO



Baking Goods

  • • Bread
  • • Buns
  • • Muffins and other baking goods
  • • Cookies


  • • Breakfast cereals, porridge
  • • Müsli Bars

Dairy products

  • • Yoghurt
  • • Ice Cream
  • • Shakes

Ready To Use

  • • To provide physiological benefits: 2 tbsp. (15g) is recommended to provide 3,5g Omega-3 ALA


  • • Tortilla
  • • Nachos
  • • Cracker

Meat Products

  • • Meat Balls
  • • Sausages

Vegetarian products

  • • Veggie Burger
  • • Sausages


  • • Batters (Tempura)
  • • Salad toppings
  • • Egg replacement (dressings, mayonnaise)
  • • Fat replacement

Cima Flax Protein Powder

Cima Flax Protein Powder is a high quality flax flour from premium conventional and organic cold pressed flax oil production. Our flax products are produced using the strictest testing and manufacturing protocols. Only non-GMO flaxseed is used in producing our flax products and all are Kosher, Halal, gluten free and vegan.

Cima Flax Protein Powderis used in binding systems for different food application due to its strong cold-swelling effect. It is a valuable addition to the daily diet, rich in fibre and vegetable protein.

Cima Flax Protein Powder is a low-carb food ideal for diabetics.

Golden Flax meal


Cima hempseeds provide wholesome nutrition from the entire seed. The roasted, whole or milled hempseeds containing the shell with the important fibre component of the whole hemp seed.

Hemp plants are grown on own fields and the finished products are produced in a closed loop. A 12-step cleaning process provides our customer a very pure product achieving more than 99,9% purity and a patented roasting step provide Cima hemp products with a nice nutty flavour and crunchy structure.

Roasted whole hempseeds / roasted milled hempseeds

  •  •Purity higher than 99,9%
  •  •Nutty flavour and crunchy structure
  •  •From farm to your spoon
  •  •Contains all 9 essential amino acids
  •  •Enhanced nutrition for a healthier world
  •  •Allergen free
  •  •Organic hemp products available
  •  •Ready to eat



CIMA Psyllium husk powder is a dietary fibre obtained from the seed shells of Plantago Ovata with technological benefits for the food industry.

With a fibre content of up to 90%, the vast majority of which are soluble fibre, psyllium seed shells are of great importance for nutrition.

CIMA Psyllium finds variety of applications in the food industry because of their remarkable properties of mucilage from psyllium husk as a thickener.

The liquid retention takes place after a very short time and the swelling capacity is up to 80ml/g.

Psyllium dispersions are heat-resistant between 20 and 50°C and stable at pH values between 2 and 10.


  • • Stabilization of ice cream and similar
  • • Replacement of additives having E-numbers like thickener
  • • Texture improvement
  • • Prevent the sedimentation of solid ingredients in liquid foods and maintain homogenous distribution.
  • • Reduction of ice crystal formation in deep frozenproducts
  • • Increased dough yield and improved freshness for baked goods
  • • Particularly suitable for the production of gluten-free foods


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